A little about Amy...

I have been a personal trainer for over twenty years, first directing fitness programs for Carrier, United Technologies, and The Hartford, and then starting my own personal training business in the Farmington Valley.  While I always paid close attention to my clients' growth and progress, I didn't always carve the same amount of time and care for myself.  Over the years, my body began to feel the aches and pains from aging, overuse, and lack of attention to stretching.  When I discovered Baptiste inspired power yoga, I connected the fitness that I love with physical and mental rejuvenation. The heat, the flow, the core work, and the deep tissue stretching challenged and healed my body, while the breathing and relaxation cleared my mind.

Yoga pokes and prods at our limitations. My practice has helped me on and off my yoga mat to push when I feel strong, and to surrender when I need rest.  I hope to inspire my practitioners in the studio by helping them recognize that every day is different.   There are times for challenging ourselves with backbending and balance, and times when we need to simply stretch and breathe and slow our minds.

This practice is an ongoing journey, meeting you where you are and strengthening you from within. Come join me and find your power.