What is Power Vinyasa Yoga?

Once a Vinyasa yoga class begins, we flow and hold key poses throughout the class.  Once practitioners warm up and heart rates increase, the yoga practice shifts to poses that open up, strengthen and heal major muscle groups.  Poses include balance series, backbends, abdominal and core work, and hip openers.

Power yoga is a complete workout, increasing lung and heart efficiency, building muscle tone, improving balance, and working core, both front and back.  This comprehensive exercise makes short tight muscles longer and stronger.

We link each breath to a movement, bringing our awareness to the present and learning to quiet the mind.

Why Yoga and Who is it for?

Life brings difficulties and challenges.  Yoga can create a time and space for healing, coping, transforming, and strengthening. Often beginners are skeptical about their ability to "do" yoga; but yoga is a practice. After a class, people are amazed by what they can do, experiencing great physical and mental relief. The community is a supportive place for growth. Benefits are not only physical. Students report emotional and mental clarity  as well after taking class.

The practice welcomes athletes, beginners, and experienced practitioners, helping practitioners grow wherever they are in their practice. Beginners can generally do most of the class, and all students are encouraged to take breaks whenever they need them. A beginner can book a small group or private session if he/she has never participated in any type of yoga class. 

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Why Heat?

The room is heated to about 90 degrees for a few reasons.  A warmer body is more pliable, and it is safer and more effective to stretch and realign muscles with heat.  Heat increases the production of sweat; sweating is healthy and eliminates toxins. Additional benefits of heat include flexibility, healing, and increased strength during poses.