Who Can Do Power Yoga?


Anyone can do power yoga.  All poses are accessible to beginners.  Beginners can generally get through a class and are expected to take breaks when needed.

Athletes are encouraged to do power yoga.  Athletic training often results in certain muscles becoming stronger but tighter. Power yoga helps strengthen and lengthen those muscles.  The sequence also reveals imbalances in the body and helps develop those weaker areas.  The aim is to increase strength and flexibility, increase performance, and reduce injury.

What do I need to Bring?

Bring a yoga mat, yogi toes or towel, and a bottle of water.  A limited number of mats are available for rental, and water is available to buy.

Will There Be An Introductory Class?

Classes are suitable for beginners, but a private or semi-private class can be booked for a student who is brand new to yoga or an advanced practitioner who is looking to deepen his/her practice.